’50 Chev Deluxe Tudor

Dennis purchased a stock ’50 Chev from his father Jerry (Owner: Jerry’s Auto Sales) when he was 15 years old for $150 in 1962.  Dennis started working at Jerry’s in June 1962 right after his Sophomore year in high school.  By fall of 1963, Dennis was driving his custom ’50 to high school and had completed the initial set of modifications (shown in the initial pictures in metallic blue)  Later, between junior and senior year in high school, Dennis completed his final modifications (shown in burnt orange) including hand made rear bumper with ’61 Ford tails and installation of a solid lifter 265 ci V-8 which Dennis rebuilt and Chev 3spd tranny and rear end.   The car had no gas gauge and Dennis carefully watched the vacuum gauge and mileage to control fuel consumption. The car had lighting in the wheel wheels, leaded hood and trunk, shaved door handles with hidden solenoid releases, black and white U.S. Naugahyde upholstery with rolled and tucked dash.  Dennis performed all work on this car, receiving some help on the interior sewing from his mother Elaine.  Dennis showed this car earning five first place trophies in full custom.  By late 1967 or early 1968 he was sold this car to a father buying it for his son.

Status:  Location Unknown

If you have seen this car, please contact us.

     All work by Dennis Larsson

  • ’55 Pontiac Front Bumpers
  • ’54 Buick Headlights
  • ’57 Corvette Grill
  • ’61 Ford Tail Lights
  • Hand Fabricated Rear Bumper
  • Lowered 3″
  • One piece windshield
  • 265 ci Chev V-8 w/ Solid Lifters, Rochester 4 bbl Carb
  • ’58 Chev 3spd with Hollywood Floor Shift Linkage
  • ’56 Chev rear
  • Valve operated exhaust cut outs
  • Hurst Wheels
  • Cheater slicks
  • 28 Coats Tahitian Burnt Orange Metallic Paint
  • ’50 Olds Fender Stone Guards
  • Custom instrument cluster