’27 Ford Model T

Dennis did not build or own this car, unlike the rest of the custom cars on this site.  This car was owned by his father, Jerry Larsson.  The car sat in the showroom of Jerry’s Auto Sales for many years.  Jerry purchased this car in early 1965 when the original owner was on the way to Federal Way, WA to sell the car.  It started pouring rain so he stopped in to Jerry’s Auto Sales to take cover.  The owner approached Jerry and asked if he wanted to buy it, a deal was stuck to purchase it for $800.

The car featured Cadillac power with a tri-power setup.  It has been said that this car won multiple awards in the greater Seattle area.  Dennis did drive the car occasionally.

Status:  Last sold at Giordano’s Vintage Motors in Carnation, WA post ~2012…New owner unknown.  

If you have seen this car, please contact us.